The Committed Professionals

Your Client Enrollment Specialist

  • Conducts a thorough analysis of your unique financial circumstances
  • Provides an honest and realistic path toward settlement
  • Takes the time to fully inform you of your best options

Your Dedicated Case Manager

  • Personally takes responsibility for your satisfaction
  • Vigilantly monitors your individual accounts
  • Consistently informs you of the status and progress of each anticipated settlement

Your Personal Debt Settlement Team

  • Maintains open communication with your creditors on your behalf
  • Makes certain that those creditors understand your personal situation
  • Aggressively persuades your creditors to accept a reduced settlement to close your accounts

Your Licensed attorney

  • Is available to you for questions at any time, at no additional fee
  • Regularly reviews each of your individual accounts to be sure that the bestcourse of action is being pursued
  • Is always prepared to pursue other legal alternatives should your circumstances change

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