Debt Settlement Process

  • Your Minimum Credit Card Payments Have Become Overwhelming
    • Call today for a free debt analysis.
    • Your client enrollment specialist will prepare an individualized debt settlement program based on your specific situation.
    • Upon enrollment, our attorneys will immediately issue cease and decist letters to your creditors.
  • So You Enter Debt Settlement and Make a More Comfortable Deposit Instead
    • The firm establishes an independant bank account in your name.
    • You retain full authority over all of the funds you deposit each month.
    • As you build funds, you create urgency on the part of your creditors to settle.
  • The Funds You Deposit into Your Account are Used to Make Lump Sum Settlements of Your Debts
    • The team at Thomas K. Mcknight goes to work immediately opening lines of communication with your creditors.
    • We agressively negotiate reduced balance settlements on your behalf.
    • You authorize us to pay that reduced amount from the funds you've accumulated.

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