The Path of Your Funds

Your Monthly Deposit

  • Funds Accumulate in Your Personal Account
    • Lump Sum Payments are Made from Your Account on Your Negotiated Settlement Balances
    • A Reasonable Fee is Paid to the Law Firm as Compensation for Settlement
  • A Minimal Monthly Fee Provides:
    • Access to Attorneys
    • Correspondence, Monitoring, and Negotiation of Your Debts

Upon enrolling in the debt settlement program, payments to your personal creditors will stop. As an alternative, you will begin making monthly deposits into an independent and FDIC insured bank account established in your name.

While you maintain complete control over the funds you’ve deposited, the firm goes to work negotiating reduced balances of your accounts. A minimal monthly fee covers the normal cost of operation, but the firm does not get paid until one of your accounts is settled.

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